The Harvest

News from the State.

2013 we had a great weather all year long

Thank God this year we had wonderful early rains and latter rain which ensured that all our flowers became plump berries. We are seeing the first coffee berries ripen of the 2014 harvest. So before the year is over we will do our first harvest. We try to harvest the coffee berries at their best moment to ensure only ripe red berries in all the lots. This often means harvesting the fields various times throughout the harvest and closely inspecting the harvested berries before they are milled.

This year we have a team of people that has been working with us in a more permanent manner. We have one person in charge of each coffee field in order to have more personalized care of each area. Picture of team We are replanting our existing coffee areas replacing coffee that is rather old and tired with new plants. This year we planted Caturra variety plants in all existing areas as well as in a new area. The Caturra variety has an excellent cup and adapts well to our high altitude. Foto Monte Sion We also have tried to fix our shade trees pruning the older branches to have the most balanced conditions of sun and shade in order for the coffee to develop in the healthiest possible way. In our climate, this is important as too much sun or shade can affect the coffee in a negative way making it susceptible to diseases.



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