The Harvest

News from the State.

Greetings to all! As I write this short note, we have already started harvesting the first fruits of our 2015 harvest. Thank God for the early rains and the latter rain. With the early rain all the coffee blossoms set into beautiful fruits

Thank God this year we had wonderful early rains and latter rain which ensured that all our flowers became plump berries. We are seeing the first coffee berries ripen of the 2014 harvest. So before the year is over we will do our first harvest. We try to harvest the coffee berries at their best moment to ensure only ripe red berries in all the lots. This often means harvesting the fields various times throughout the harvest and closely inspecting the harvested berries before they are milled.

With the coming of the rainy season we planted new coffee plants of the varieties Caturra & Bourbon. In spite of the excessive rain, we tried to take the best care of our plants; Thank God most of them made it through the rainy season unharmed. At the end of the harvest we participated in the Cup of Excellence, coffee contest, as we have been doing for the past three years. 

We made our second movie "la amistad" part 2. This time some of the workers were part of the cast. Through these movies we try to teach our workers values in a fun way, so that they will learn to work with excellence, integrity and responsibility. 

We try to help people who have learning disabilities by finding special jobs for them. Nery likes our horses and they like him. He is helping in the stables. We also support the Freed family who work with Orphan Resources, a ministry that provides aid to orphanages in Guatemala, as well as love to the kids.

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